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Hi, not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes! I'm requesting some art for a group of mine, we play dungeons and dragons. I upload our sessions on Youtube:…
Anyways, I wanted a shot with a picture of our four players.
SETTING: The four characters will be walking through a dark dungeon passage, something similar to this…

Characters (I don't have reference sheets for all of them but I will describe them as best as I can):
IN FRONT: Khol The Changeling Fighter…
He will look relatively like this but instead of pure white eyes, make them fully pale blue with black pupils.
He will be wearing black leather armor like this but without the hood and mask…;
He will be duel-wielding two scimitars

SECOND TO FRONT: Krodin The Dhampire Rogue…
Instead of white hair & yellow eyes, give him black hair & red eyes.
He will wear leather armor like this but remove the hood and mask…
He will duel-wield two shortswords

SECOND TO LAST: Kreg Stonejaw The Kobold Wizard…
He looks pretty much like that but his skin will be scaly brown and has green eyes.
He is also wearing a sheath gauntlet on his arm(doesn't matter which) which is basically like a leather gauntlet with loops on the front and sides to hide daggers. He doesn't have a staff either so just have him casting a glowing orb that gives off light.

LASTLY (but certainly not least): Ponzu Malaki, the Panda Paladin…
He will look similar to this (a cute panda in breastplate armor lol) but no red eyes or tattoo. His eyes will be blue.
He will be wielding a spiked gauntlet…
And a dueling shield…

Khol will have an irritated face(steam coming out of his ears kinda look) as he keeps going onward.
Krodin & Ponzu will both be arguing at each other (kinda like how the little angel and devil argues about morals on your shoulders)
Kreg will be having a confused expression (one eyebrow up in curiosity, the other down in frustration)

I know this is a big request, and if I could, I would draw it myself. But I lack the necessary tool, my stylus, which is gone. Maybe one day, but until then, I'll just have to settle with requesting for help. I'm not that concerned with the style, whether it be chibi, realistic, traditional, or digital. I just wan't it to be inspiring for my group and something that could bring a good laugh.


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Nan0Heart Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
i have 4 twix bars. they r urs if u draw mei sonic oc :^))))))…
xSonicfan5x Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Sorry, but I can't at the moment. I don't have the equipment I used to have. I am trying to get my stuff back together but until then, I can't help. I'm sorry Sad dummy 
Nan0Heart Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
it fin. i et the twixx bar anyway 
ShinoMaina Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
We've seen your advertisement there: requests-are-open.deviantart.c… and it caught our eye.
Namely, we would like someone to draw an anthropomorphic character for us. It doesn't have to be something special or sophisticated - simplicity is welcome. We wish to get a sketch (would be nice if it were coloured) of our character which is a two-headed multidragon. If you are interested in making a request for us, please let us know by any means.
Best regards.
LolaBunnyvsLexiBunny Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
can you draw Lexi Bunny with Lola Bunny
MajesticButterWolf Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're on the list ;u;
feathermen Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I saw you in a request group, and I was wondering if you were still open
DuskDawnLunaBella Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Hello! :D
xSonicfan5x Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, sry if I have been inactive for awhile Sweat Drop revamp 
DuskDawnLunaBella Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
s'kay eue :D
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